Tuesday, 4 October 2011


Our Tuesday Rhythm is just lovely at the moment. It is such a peaceful and relaxed day. I run a toddler group in the village in the morning and the girls are really enjoying this. "R" takes a little while to feel brave enough to play away from my side but soon gets in to the swing of things and joins in with the other children. 

After lunch, the girls are more than ready for a good sleep, which means  I get some time for a bit of housework, gardening or relaxing with a cuppa!

The boys have after school club on a Tuesday and stay late to do fun activities so we tend to take the dog out for a walk. Today has been overcast and so much cooler than the last week. The last of our late summer weather has left us and things are feeling more Autumnal round here!

 Puppy dog off in the distance!

We hoped to collect some greenery for the rabbit and tortoise while we were out but it is getting harder to find good greens at this time of year. Some of the things that are still about are becoming mildewy. Everything has gone to seed and started to dry up...... There seems a variety of stuff here, some of which I
 recognised..... lots I didn't...... but I am not sure what the animals would like to eat. maybe trial and error or maybe we could collect some samples and compare with a nature book to identify them.

We did find a few good old juicy Dandelions thankfully!

The sheep were happy grazing as we walked past!

And so were the Horses!

And here are my feet on the cobbley path. These sandals were due for the bin before the hot weather resurfaced. So they were saved from the bin for another few weeks. How sad do they look...... maybe I should spend some pamper time on the toe nails too. The last of the pink nail varnish that I put on in  June for my birthday is nearly all grown out. Tut Tut.......

The evenings are drawing in earlier and we are all in our Pjs as early as we can. Every night and usually for quarter of an hour or so before school we enjoy a chapter or two from the book we are reading. At the moment we are reading a book my Aunt has written, "The Elder brothers and the Padstow crystals". The boys love the magic, witches and wizards in it! We have the second book all lined up to read when we finish this one!

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