Monday, 14 November 2011


The boys had fun doing their homework with me this evening, and I had a wonderful time helping them!

Kenzie has been looking at suitable materials for a job. He talked at school about what was the best material for Teddies curtains. He told me they had looked at different materials and he decided that the purple material was best "cos the sun came through just a tiny tiny bit!"

He had to find one thing that let light through and one that didn't..... so the hunt started!

We found glass windows! They let the light through. His torch shone through the glass and on to the bush outside!

Then we found metal. No light coming through that.... but it did reflect the light back at him!

Then he drew his pictures and wrote about his findings. He is getting so good at sounding out words and some of the words he copied from the homework instructions on his page!

Brendan's homework was to find out some facts about Monet and paint one of his pictures! Now, Monet is my favourite artist and my mum has a Monet framed in her hallway, that I painted in my late teens. So I was looking forward to seeing his interpretation!
Look at my little Non-writer.... actually writing! He did not complain once and he was so careful about his letter formation!

Here is his finished work! I could not be more proud! He would not have done this 4 months ago..... He loved trying out the acrylic paints. we talked about the brush strokes that Monet used, or rather how he dabbed the paint on. He mixed colours on the palette and used different types of brushes to see what he liked the best.

We have bought him an easel and watercolours for Christmas. He has been asking for one since the summer holidays. The other weekend he said he wanted canvases for Christmas so I can see us going down the route of oils or acrylics as well! He really does enjoy art and being creative, I hope it is something he never stops enjoying. It would be a lovely hobby to follow.

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