Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Well, this is really just a jumble of things that have made me happy over the past couple of days and I just had to share!

Cake! We spent a lot of last week making cakes for different fundraising events and the boys just love it!

My lazy cake making! chuck it all in and use an electric whisk..... my mother would not approve! Sorry Mum!

How sweet is this? I just had to take a pic of them cuddled together playing an online strategy game. "Age of war" I think it's called. Brendan was keen to tell me when they were using "advanced technology" that was "beyond the civilizations current Evolution" lol. I love his mind!

Oh and my lovely new Holztiger wooden toys that I only ordered on Monday! Great service Amazon! I would love to buy some Ostheimer items, but I can justify paying their prices when these are just as lovely! I look forward to extending our collection, I thought I would start with these as they have a very Autumnal, Thanks Giving feel to them!

Oh and I can not forget my new book! I love these "Thats not my..." books. I know its beyond my boys age but they still enjoy them and the little ones I look after love them! We have the Snowman and Reindeer one so I just had to get this one too!! I am so ready for Christmas!!!!

So just a little look at a handful of the things that have made me smile this week! Hope your all enjoying your week!

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