Tuesday, 29 November 2011


This evening we did a little experiment that Brendan has been wanting to do for a while! Blowing up a balloon using the gas made from mixing Bi-carbonate of soda and vinegar!

Oh the excitement!! They also liked to watch the bubbles rising up inside the bottle until it bubbled in to the  balloon!

We talked about using a smaller bottle to see if the gas made, would force the balloon to pump up larger. With less space in a small bottle for the gas to sit in, we felt it was a fair prediction.......

But to our surprise it didn't really make much difference to the size at all.......

Kenzie could hear it fizzing inside and said it sounded like rice crispies after you put the milk in!

Then it was on to some art and history. Brendan's homework was to look for information on who Grace Horsley Darling was and then to write about it and illustrated his work.
After looking on the Internet we found a great site with a little animated story to read. After watching it a couple of times Brendan got out the art supplies and started to paint a picture of the rescue!

He is really enjoying mixing colours and trying new brush techniques with his painting at the moment!
Kenzie enjoyed painting his homework as well. He had to paint things that he had seen on his recent trip to the village church!

This is Brendan's painting of the sinking boat, lighthouse and Grace coming to rescue the people on the rocks!
We didn't get much writing, but what he did write was neat, independently done and in his own words, which is a real step forward in it's self!

Another enjoyable evening with my boys! 

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