Tuesday, 29 November 2011


I thought I would share with you some lovely Christmas stories we are enjoying. I am not really sure how many posts there will be, or how often they will appear but there will be several over the run up to Christmas!

The first book is one that we borrowed from the Library last week and it made us all giggle SOOO much! In fact Kenzie was still giggling when he was trying to go to sleep (so maybe not a great bedtime story choice!)  and he had to take it to school the next day to share with his class!

The book is called "Harvey Slumfenburger's Christmas present!" by John Burningham.

After all his deliveries on Christmas Eve, Father Christmas finds a present at the bottom of his sack! Its Harvey Slumfenburgers present and he knows that Harvey's family are very poor and it's the only present he will get this year! But what can he do? His Reindeer is sick! So off he goes, on foot, in his pyjamas to deliver the present. The journey is long and lots of people try and help him..... but things do not go smoothly!

It has a lovely repetitive  rhythm to it, which young children love so much. Just reading the name Harvey Slumfenburger was enough to start giggles for us and the name is used to full effect throughout the story! I really do recommend this as a fun Christmas read to get you in the Festive mood!!

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