Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Well my non-writing nearly 10 year old has turned a corner. He wants to write. Not huge pages, or even the level of writing his peers can do..... but he IS writing!

Yesterday, at the park, Brendan started to use the wood chip surface to make shapes and pictures and write messages in huge letters, using his foot! He told me the "The world is my canvas!" what a lovely idea!

He wrote "come inside, its fun." and remembered his punctuation as well, which he finds very hard. He also found a KFC paper bag that someone had not thrown in the rubbish bin, and he then wrote KFC on the floor and drew the face of the the KFC guy above it.

I took some pics of his work. not very easy to see, but you get the idea. i just had to climb on the climbing frame and take a picture!!

I am very proud of his new interest in writing and will cherish each and every way he chooses to write! It is a huge milestone for him and I just wanted to share it with you all!

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