Tuesday, 27 December 2011


 Stockings being emptied!  Brendan's at 3:40 am and Kenzie's at a more reasonable 7am!

Father Christmas knew they enjoy their art and bought them Easels! 

 Handing out gifts and brotherly love!

New tools to enjoy!

Flurries of paper!

More brotherly love and thanking for gifts!

Dr Who has featured a lot this year!

Prezzies for me! A beautiful bag from baby R! Thank you!

Kisses and cuddles and lots of love all day long! A whole week of family time ahead of us!

Prezzies for the dog!

 Swapping gifts with extended family and sharing in a huge family meal! Brendan loves his handmade crochet zombie! Thanks Auntie Heather!

Bonding with Uncle Mark over Geology! Trying to identify what each stone is!

Family time! LOVE IT!

Happy Christmas to you all!
 I hope you were all able to spend a lovely, healthy and happy time with your loved ones!

Tuesday, 20 December 2011


So what do you do with a broken TV/DVD combi?  Give it to the kids of course!!

 Let them Pull it, Unscrew it, explore it, find interesting components and then look them up on the internet to see what they do! Help them work out how to get bits out, unplug bits, talk about why the wires are different colours and what do you think this bit is... or does?

Let them choose tools from the tool kit, which screw driver do I need? What can I use to get this bit off?

Even let the babies have a go with some of the safer bits!

Then build something new!!

A great day 1 to the school Christmas holidays!!

Tuesday, 13 December 2011


Tuesdays Christmas fun started with some Partying!

Party fun at the Toddler group I run! This is Heather helping baby "L" decorate her Christmas Gingerbread shape!

After school fun making Oranges and clove decorations for the house! Kenzie working hard at pushing in the cloves!

Then he helped me slice Oranges for the dried orange decorations.

He found using a child sized chop stick to make holes for the cloves, made it easier to push them in!

Even little "R" had a go with a satsuma, she managed to get quite a few in!!

Everyone hard at work!

Brendan was making his very uniform. lots of lovely circles!
We added ribbon and hung them up in the living room!

Then we made more crayons!! They are loving this activity at the moment. We raided Nanny's box of crayons and turned all the little broken bits in to round rainbow crayons and even Butterfly crayons!
A lovely reader asked how we make these and it is really easy! 
Take all your old crayons, peal of wrappers, brake up in to small pieces and lay them in silicone moulds! Place in the oven for about 10 mins at about 180 (electric fan oven)
check to see the wax has melted and then take out and leave to cool!

Love how the Butterfly's turned out!

What Christmas fun have you had today?


Mondays art was rather glittery, foamy and sticky!! not all at once though!!

Decorating our foam Snowmen decorations! Googly eyes and a Santa hat! all "E"'s choice!

He asked for stick arms!! so that was my part in the art activity... cutting out a hat and stick arms!!

 Time to use our new glitter paints we bought at the weekend! Christmas trees with baubles!

Although you can't see it, he painted Holly leaves as well!

Lots of glittery fun!!

Monday, 12 December 2011


That time of year has come again when the boys get to decorate the cake! I always look back fondly on this event from my own childhood, when me and my siblings were the ones decorating the cake! We always made marzipan models and painted them with food colouring, but due to Brendan's bad relationship with food colours we have tried to avoid them where possible!!

First we lay the marzipan layer over the cake and chopped and smoothed it to size!

Then to make the Royal Icing. Kenzie set up the electric whisk!

It was hard going so we needed to add more water than the packet advised...always the way, but still worried we would go too far the other way and end up with slop!

Once the cake had the icing layer (which to be fair I put on as it was a rather tricky job!), the boys used left over marzipan to make  snowmen!

Then to add more icing to make them look snowy!

Adding some other decorations and gold and green sparkles!

 Adding eyes to the snowmen. Bless him, Kenzie's does look a bit like its melted!!

The finished cake!! I think they did a grand job! Don't you?

 A view of Santa and the Reindeer!

We are going to make a Yule log this year as well! I bought all the bits we needed today, so we look forward to making that in the very near future!


I would like to share with you all a lovely idea by a fellow blogger who I just love to read!

Jacqui at Barefoot Crofter shares a wonderful insight to her past week using photos and a short description! The things that make her happy, make life worth living and feed her soul!

So here is my offering! My SEVEN DAYS!

A play put on for me by the boys! lots of giggles!!

Lots of lovely time with my eldest as he has been off school with headaches. Some crafting and science!

Making Chocolate cakes in a cup! great mid afternoon snack!

Fun making crayons with old ones! look lovely don't they!

My youngest writing out his Christmas cards to his friends and Teachers. All his own work, sounding out. I didn't have the heart to correct his spelling!!  

Christmas crafting over the weekend!

The boys decorated our Christmas cake and did a grand job!!

I hope the next days bring you all much fun and love!


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