Monday, 12 December 2011


That time of year has come again when the boys get to decorate the cake! I always look back fondly on this event from my own childhood, when me and my siblings were the ones decorating the cake! We always made marzipan models and painted them with food colouring, but due to Brendan's bad relationship with food colours we have tried to avoid them where possible!!

First we lay the marzipan layer over the cake and chopped and smoothed it to size!

Then to make the Royal Icing. Kenzie set up the electric whisk!

It was hard going so we needed to add more water than the packet advised...always the way, but still worried we would go too far the other way and end up with slop!

Once the cake had the icing layer (which to be fair I put on as it was a rather tricky job!), the boys used left over marzipan to make  snowmen!

Then to add more icing to make them look snowy!

Adding some other decorations and gold and green sparkles!

 Adding eyes to the snowmen. Bless him, Kenzie's does look a bit like its melted!!

The finished cake!! I think they did a grand job! Don't you?

 A view of Santa and the Reindeer!

We are going to make a Yule log this year as well! I bought all the bits we needed today, so we look forward to making that in the very near future!

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