Monday, 12 December 2011


I would like to share with you all a lovely idea by a fellow blogger who I just love to read!

Jacqui at Barefoot Crofter shares a wonderful insight to her past week using photos and a short description! The things that make her happy, make life worth living and feed her soul!

So here is my offering! My SEVEN DAYS!

A play put on for me by the boys! lots of giggles!!

Lots of lovely time with my eldest as he has been off school with headaches. Some crafting and science!

Making Chocolate cakes in a cup! great mid afternoon snack!

Fun making crayons with old ones! look lovely don't they!

My youngest writing out his Christmas cards to his friends and Teachers. All his own work, sounding out. I didn't have the heart to correct his spelling!!  

Christmas crafting over the weekend!

The boys decorated our Christmas cake and did a grand job!!

I hope the next days bring you all much fun and love!

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