Tuesday, 13 December 2011


Tuesdays Christmas fun started with some Partying!

Party fun at the Toddler group I run! This is Heather helping baby "L" decorate her Christmas Gingerbread shape!

After school fun making Oranges and clove decorations for the house! Kenzie working hard at pushing in the cloves!

Then he helped me slice Oranges for the dried orange decorations.

He found using a child sized chop stick to make holes for the cloves, made it easier to push them in!

Even little "R" had a go with a satsuma, she managed to get quite a few in!!

Everyone hard at work!

Brendan was making his very uniform. lots of lovely circles!
We added ribbon and hung them up in the living room!

Then we made more crayons!! They are loving this activity at the moment. We raided Nanny's box of crayons and turned all the little broken bits in to round rainbow crayons and even Butterfly crayons!
A lovely reader asked how we make these and it is really easy! 
Take all your old crayons, peal of wrappers, brake up in to small pieces and lay them in silicone moulds! Place in the oven for about 10 mins at about 180 (electric fan oven)
check to see the wax has melted and then take out and leave to cool!

Love how the Butterfly's turned out!

What Christmas fun have you had today?

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