Wednesday, 7 December 2011


Today I had my big boy home with me as he woke up feeling a bit "off" and was quite pale. He has been fine, but his Hyper mobility has been playing him up all day with pains in his joints, so it was probably the best place for him. I love having him home with me!!

Thought I would share our day with you. I took this idea from another blog (wish I could remember who) and I thought it was a great idea to give a run down of your day. The good, bad and mundane. Sometimes you don't always see how much you accomplish in a day till you really sit back and reflect!

So here it is. 

Childminding children arrived and with the morning school run completed, we all sat down to some fun! Brendan and "E" played with Playmobile for half hour and also 20 mins of Mario on the Wii!

I made this for the babies to play with on the felt story board! Brendan noticed and came over to help cut out a star! Baby "R" spent quite some time decorating the Tree with the shapes. This picture is of one Brendan decorated!

Then to the kitchen to enjoy the Christmas scented play dough we made last week! Everyone had lots of fun and it still smells lovely! Lots of rolling out, sticking bits in, using cutters and making caves!

Brendan and I decided to make another toy that I have got pinned on my Pintrest "too make" board! Such a simple idea and lots of fun for little fingers!
Brendan enjoyed sewing on a button he had chosen from the button basket. He didn't even mind pricking his fingers! We talked about safety issues and making sure the button was secure as babies would be playing with this toy!

After he finished it he tested it out! I made one as well with a bigger round button. Then we just needed a small person to test it out!

Baby "R" was more than happy to help us with the testing! She needs help getting the button through but has grasped what is meant to happen. and she just loved sliding the felt squares up and down the ribbon and then off the other end!

Time for a spot of lunch. Small Autistic moment over the wrong Bakewell tarts. Apparently the ones I normally get, he can eat in layers. Starting with the cherry, then the icing and then the almond paste, jam and finally the pastry....... I made a boo boo..... These have a pastry top under the icing....... We were not amused!

Then Brendan wanted to hold a Science lesson for "E". This was an experiment that he has been enjoying for the past week or so! I blogged about it here. What this doesn't show is the Vinegar EXPLOSION on my Kitchen ceiling!
I tidied up, hoovered, put washing on, cleaned out pets and put the babies up for a nap!

Snack time and the boys decided to re-try and make the "cakes in a cup" that had not worked for us earlier in the week. Much better results this time! Chocolate muffins in 2 minutes... doesn't get better than that!

We then moved on to making rainbow crayons with a box of crayons we found in the cupboard! I have seen this on many blogs over the months, so have not linked to any in particular as I am not sure where the idea originally came from! Loads of fun though! Peeling off all the paper wrappers, snapping the crayons!!

Small pause in the proceedings for another Autistic moment... all crayons had to be grouped before we could move on.... I do love his little quirks!

Then they chose their colours and lay them in the silicone mould!

A spot of painting while we waited for the crayons to melt in the oven.........

Ohhh and the making of a beard!

Finished Rainbow crayons! all new and shinny!! Pieces of art in themselves!

We needed to test them out of course! Out came the big bits of paper and the drawing commenced!

After all this fun I declared it was time to watch the new "How to train your dragon" DVD that the boys picked up from the shops at the weekend. It has a couple of short stories and is so worth buying if you liked the Film and the follow on short film they made!
I crept off for a cuppa in the kitchen at this point, babies sleeping, boys watching tv and peace for 5 minutes! 

Then the babies woke and we walked the dog, played on the swings and picked Kenzie up from school!

The camera seemed to not be picked up after the crayon making sadly so no pics of late afternoon to share, sorry.

Kenzie helped to cook dinner for me and did his usual great job of entertaining the babies!

Daddy came home, babies and "E" went home and I put the house back together, hoovered again and washed the walls in the hallway. Amazing how grubby they get!

Time to put Chickens to bed, feed pets and then get in the shower.... I love the point in the day when I can climb in to my PJ's!!

Then snuggles on the bed with my boys while Kenzie read to me and then I read them an Astrosaurs book!

Now in my eyes that's been a fun and productive day and a lot of UnSchooling going on (apart from the one who did go to school today that is lol) 
So much enjoyed, so much learnt, and I think it's fair to say every part of the "curriculum" covered at some point!

Hope you all enjoyed your Wednesday as much as we enjoyed ours!!

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