Wednesday, 30 November 2011


Today has been a lovely day of Tea parties with ponies and teddies, reading Christmas stories and listening to our Christmas carol CD! I know it's not quite December... but in a few hours it will be and I just couldn't wait!

Baby L enjoying putting things in and out of a bag!

Any one for an apple and a cuppa?
We made homemade Play dough this afternoon and coloured it green and red! I also added some Mixed Spice to make it smell all Christmassy and also added some little stars to some of the green dough!

Christmas trees!

Look at baby R's beautiful smile!

learning to roll out the dough

Baby L eating the dough! She quickly realised it does NOT taste good!

We also lit one of our Advent Candles. This is not on our stand of 4 candles, but separate and surrounded by stones. Celebrating the Light of stones in this 1st week!

"The first light of Advent is the light of stones
Light that lives in crystals, in seashells and in bones"

I hope your all enjoying this 1st week of Advent and looking forward to welcoming in December with open arms!!
The boys have set up their calendars and are so excited!! Kenzie lay in bed this evening and said Goodbye to November. Such a sweet thought from a little person!

Tuesday, 29 November 2011


I thought I would share with you some lovely Christmas stories we are enjoying. I am not really sure how many posts there will be, or how often they will appear but there will be several over the run up to Christmas!

The first book is one that we borrowed from the Library last week and it made us all giggle SOOO much! In fact Kenzie was still giggling when he was trying to go to sleep (so maybe not a great bedtime story choice!)  and he had to take it to school the next day to share with his class!

The book is called "Harvey Slumfenburger's Christmas present!" by John Burningham.

After all his deliveries on Christmas Eve, Father Christmas finds a present at the bottom of his sack! Its Harvey Slumfenburgers present and he knows that Harvey's family are very poor and it's the only present he will get this year! But what can he do? His Reindeer is sick! So off he goes, on foot, in his pyjamas to deliver the present. The journey is long and lots of people try and help him..... but things do not go smoothly!

It has a lovely repetitive  rhythm to it, which young children love so much. Just reading the name Harvey Slumfenburger was enough to start giggles for us and the name is used to full effect throughout the story! I really do recommend this as a fun Christmas read to get you in the Festive mood!!


This evening we did a little experiment that Brendan has been wanting to do for a while! Blowing up a balloon using the gas made from mixing Bi-carbonate of soda and vinegar!

Oh the excitement!! They also liked to watch the bubbles rising up inside the bottle until it bubbled in to the  balloon!

We talked about using a smaller bottle to see if the gas made, would force the balloon to pump up larger. With less space in a small bottle for the gas to sit in, we felt it was a fair prediction.......

But to our surprise it didn't really make much difference to the size at all.......

Kenzie could hear it fizzing inside and said it sounded like rice crispies after you put the milk in!

Then it was on to some art and history. Brendan's homework was to look for information on who Grace Horsley Darling was and then to write about it and illustrated his work.
After looking on the Internet we found a great site with a little animated story to read. After watching it a couple of times Brendan got out the art supplies and started to paint a picture of the rescue!

He is really enjoying mixing colours and trying new brush techniques with his painting at the moment!
Kenzie enjoyed painting his homework as well. He had to paint things that he had seen on his recent trip to the village church!

This is Brendan's painting of the sinking boat, lighthouse and Grace coming to rescue the people on the rocks!
We didn't get much writing, but what he did write was neat, independently done and in his own words, which is a real step forward in it's self!

Another enjoyable evening with my boys! 

Sunday, 27 November 2011


I would like to share with you all a lovely idea by a fellow blogger who I just love to read!

Jacqui at Barefoot Crofter shares a wonderful insight to her past week using photos and a short description! The things that make her happy, make life worth living and feed her soul!

So her is my offering! My SEVEN DAYS!

Happy Toddlers on the Play bus that visits our Village. Making animal masks!

My wonderful Non-writer, writing in the wood chip at the park with his feet!

Brendan bought himself a Christmas tree from Asda and I got him some decorations. The boys set it up in their room!

1st Sunday of Advent so we lit our first candle.   Also loving our new knitted Nativity!!


A single photo, capturing a single moment that I want to remember and enjoy.

1st Sunday of Advent! Our 1st candle lit!

Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Well, this is really just a jumble of things that have made me happy over the past couple of days and I just had to share!

Cake! We spent a lot of last week making cakes for different fundraising events and the boys just love it!

My lazy cake making! chuck it all in and use an electric whisk..... my mother would not approve! Sorry Mum!

How sweet is this? I just had to take a pic of them cuddled together playing an online strategy game. "Age of war" I think it's called. Brendan was keen to tell me when they were using "advanced technology" that was "beyond the civilizations current Evolution" lol. I love his mind!

Oh and my lovely new Holztiger wooden toys that I only ordered on Monday! Great service Amazon! I would love to buy some Ostheimer items, but I can justify paying their prices when these are just as lovely! I look forward to extending our collection, I thought I would start with these as they have a very Autumnal, Thanks Giving feel to them!

Oh and I can not forget my new book! I love these "Thats not my..." books. I know its beyond my boys age but they still enjoy them and the little ones I look after love them! We have the Snowman and Reindeer one so I just had to get this one too!! I am so ready for Christmas!!!!

So just a little look at a handful of the things that have made me smile this week! Hope your all enjoying your week!

Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Thought we would share this little sensory box we put together this week. Its an Autumn/ Thanksgiving theme.
 I have ordered some wooden Turkeys and woodland creatures to add to it when they arrive! Come on Mr Postman!! Bring me my new toys!!

Anyone think of anything else I could add to it? Loving any excuse to re use those HUGE Pine cones!!


Well my non-writing nearly 10 year old has turned a corner. He wants to write. Not huge pages, or even the level of writing his peers can do..... but he IS writing!

Yesterday, at the park, Brendan started to use the wood chip surface to make shapes and pictures and write messages in huge letters, using his foot! He told me the "The world is my canvas!" what a lovely idea!

He wrote "come inside, its fun." and remembered his punctuation as well, which he finds very hard. He also found a KFC paper bag that someone had not thrown in the rubbish bin, and he then wrote KFC on the floor and drew the face of the the KFC guy above it.

I took some pics of his work. not very easy to see, but you get the idea. i just had to climb on the climbing frame and take a picture!!

I am very proud of his new interest in writing and will cherish each and every way he chooses to write! It is a huge milestone for him and I just wanted to share it with you all!

Sunday, 20 November 2011


I would like to share with you all a lovely idea by a fellow blogger who I just love to read!

Jacqui at Barefoot Crofter shares a wonderful insight to her past week using photos and a short description! The things that make her happy, make life worth living and feed her soul!

So here is my offering! My SEVEN DAYS!

Brendan's Monet Painting and facts that he "WROTE"!! my little non- writer is writing! Oh... and my rather sad shoes that the rabbit took a liking too....... looks like I need a new pair!

Some interesting Fungi on our walk this week! And logs being chopped! Which means fun for boys! Making a staircase in to a tree!

Cakes for Children in need on Friday! For the children's school cake sale!

School Tortoise fundraiser. Each family picked and paid for a square and then we timed 2 mins and the Tortoises picked the winning squares!

Building the new Pudsey Bear Lego that we bought, profits going to the Children in need charity!

The finished Lego Pudsey and then nest night on the sofa bed with my boys...... and bunny!

Saturdays fundraising event that I helped run, for the local Pre-school.  Jumble sale.... raised loads!

Kenzie collected his letter from Father Christmas from the Garden Centre!

Our new Christmas decorations. I know its early but Advent starts next Sunday and I just couldn't help myself! A letter for each of our names!

So there is our week in pictures! I hope you had a peaceful and enjoyable one yourselves!


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