Wednesday, 25 January 2012


Today we took our Chinese New Year activity to the toddler group I run in the village! I think it went down very well! Everyone seemed to have fun!

We made Laminated red and green window pictures

You just need....

 some red and gold paper, stars, tinsel and the like.
A Dragon shape cut our of paper (our is more like a Lizzard)
Laminator pouches and a laminator

1) Lay our your Laminating pouch and make your picture. 

2) Carefully run it through the Laminator

3) let it cool for a minute and then hang in the window!

They had a lovely time and so did the Mummy's at the group! I think one Mummy had more fun than her children and may be investing in a Laminator for herself!

We would like to thanks Heather for bringing us all Fortune cookies as well! They were a Yummy addition to snack time and it was fun reading our fortunes!

More fun to be had tomorrow!!

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