Wednesday, 25 January 2012


Well what fun did we get up to today!
 Still enjoying Chinese New Year activities!

 We had to run some errands this morning and stopped at Hobby Craft while we were out. We found some yellow and red giant pom poms to add to our Chinese New Year sensory box!

We also found a great kit for Origami which I thought would be fun. Especially for the older boys. I made a turtle. "L" pulled his leg off though, and a bird which "R" is holding in this pic. 
It was lovely having "R" back with us after she has been off for so long with a nasty bug, poor love :-(

"E" was photographer today! Still not playing Chinese, but he did like our Panda bear painting, which you will see next!

"R" painting her Panda! These are actually card masks designed for Decoupage, but I thought we could adapt them for painted Panda masks! We did need to put a few coats of while paint on these.  They are very strong as well so should stand up to being played with a lot!

I felt "L" was too little to really benefit from making a mask, so I helped her with a Panda picture instead. I drew the outline and added black paint to the areas that are black and she spread it all about with her hands.

 When we first started painting she would get very upset at the feel of paint on her hands, but she really likes it now!

Little "R" did a Panda painting as well. She LOVES the feel of the paint and spent a lot of time just rubbing her hands together!

Some of us took the whole Panda thing a step too far and became Pandas!!!

The finished art work!

The masks before the Black was added!

"E" added black to his mask. We looked at Pandas on Google Images and talked about where we should add the black patches.

We hope you are enjoying all our activities and would love to hear about your activities, or links to your Chinese New Year posts if you want to leave them in the comments box below!

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