Monday, 23 January 2012


I thought I would share some of our Chinese New Year activities with you all! 
I know I like to read blogs for inspiration, so would like to offer something back to all you lovely bloggers out there that help me more than you can imagine!

Some cooking!

"L" looking at a book about emotions, written in Chinese.
 "E" made it very clear he IS NOT playing Chinese today... he is playing Dr Who!
oh and reading about snakes!

I love this picture!
 We built houses for our Dragons!  Look at this castle, very grand for such important Dragons!

"I am not ... absolutely not.... playing Chinese...... oh whats this book?"

Our rice sensory tray. I wish I had more bits to add to it but I didn't plan it as well as I should. tut tut!
But we have some Chinese themed buttons, food, cups and chop sticks in there! 

Not playing Chinese at all...........

"E" built a nice Dragon house...... while not playing with Chinese things!!  He made this statement several times while playing with Chinese themed things.... lol, how he made me giggle!

But this is what he did spend a lot of today doing! "E" and I made this 2 weeks ago so he could play Dr Who! It is a scene from the episode "Hungry Earth"..... with some added extra baddies!

Panda stopped by for some dinner!

We made a Chinese inspired painting using paint and a straw to blow the paint in lines along the paper.

Then we added some pink blossom to the paper!

After the school run we enjoyed a Chinese New Year meal!

Noodles are so much fun!

Enjoying a stir fry!

We tried out some chop sticks! Lots of fun and giggling! Brendan is getting really good at using these!
Kenzie giving it a really good go!

Lychees and Ice cream for pudding!


We will be enjoying more Chinese related activities tomorrow! Be sure to pop back and join the fun!!

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