Thursday, 19 January 2012


Due to illness and visiting relatives, non of my childminding children have been with me since Monday. It is very rare that all families take time off together and so I have had an unexpected few days off.

Tuesday Brendan stayed home from school. He had been very unsettled during the night and as a result did not want to wake up. Once out of bed he was rather snappy with everyone and started to growl. This is a clear sign that all is not well and despite having got him ready for school, I did not think  he would cope with a day there. Thankfully his teacher agreed! So we had a Home school day! This was lovely! We will be doing it full time from September 2013 and it is nice to have the odd practice day lol!!

So we started the day making a menu and working out the price of a meal for a party of 18, eating from the set menu. This was an activity he was meant to be doing at school in a small group but we took it home with us and worked on it together. We had a couple of moments of resistance, but I walked away and let him gather his thoughts and very soon he was back to it. This is something it has taken me a while to learn. As much as he needs you there to keep him focused, sometimes he also needs you too move away from him to let him breath!

He had finished this and to a great standard by 10:15 and we started to get an activity together to do up at the Toddler group that I run Tuesday mornings. He came along and helped some of the little ones to make Snowmen with the art stuff we had taken up. He was very sweet with them. When he wanted time away he sat in a corner with his DS and didn't make a fuss.

After lunch he asked if we could work on the Allotment. The weather has been bitter and the ground was frozen..... but it was his day of home learning and I plan on it being a very autonomous thing when we do it full time... so we gathered our tools and went a digging!! It was hard but we found it was much better about an inch or two down. He had found some Onions that Grampy had given us and I had forgotten  to plant. Some had already sprouted while in the draw. So after removing the weeds and turning the soil he insisted on planting them. I have no idea if this is the right season to plant them, or if frozen soil is ideal..... but this was his learning experience..... and  I guess it will be mine too! We will be checking in on them in a couple of weeks!

We did a laundry run for my mum and sister as the washing machine at mums has packed up and stayed for a cuppa. He watched "Deadly 60" and learnt about Komodo Dragons and other deadly creatures!" He also checked in on "Nanny's" new fish. Mum bought a new tank the other week and got some new additions. He is trying to name them all! I loved our day together!!

The last 2 days have been cleaning days! I have managed to blitz the boys bedroom and make room not only for their new Christmas gifts, but also for their Birthday gifts which will be arriving over the next month. Both boys have birthdays in February. I have taken lots of toys that are no longer played with and stored them in the loft ready for a summer car boot sale. I managed to get rid of 3 bags of rubbish too!! Took me all day but my goodness it looks so different! I labeled some of their toy draws too so they can find what they want easily!

Today was the airing cupboards turn for a blitz. So much in there that the door was not shutting easily..... opps.... I took before and after pics of this as I wished I had done it with the boys room. (I know this is very sad... sorry but I had to share them lol)

Brendan came out of school with some great news tonight. After being a non writer up until September, he has now gone up several grades since then and is progressing very well! So I took him and Kenzie for a celebratory Tea and cake at the local Antique center. They both love it there and nag to be taken. After a nice drink and snack with a friend and her children, I took the boys to look at all the cool things. Brendan loves the garden room. He found some old hedge cutters. Kenzie liked the chairs.... I had to keep telling him they were not for sitting on lol! I loved the little mohair teddies. One old soft dog in particular which I wanted to buy.....

Tomorrow we are having another Home school day. They have a dance and music workshop at school.... Brendan doesn't do dance and music!  So we are off to the museum. His choice! I wonder what we will learn?

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