Monday, 23 January 2012


Well, what did we do toady?

Not so much to be honest. During our woodland walk yesterday I started to come down with a cold, so today we all stayed in our pyjamas and kept the sofa bed out for duvets and cuddles!

The boys did enjoy making marshmallow Igloos while I cooked our roast dinner this afternoon! I saw this here and pinned it so we would remember to do it!

Kenzies Igloo starting out well!

We used watery icing to glue the marshmallows together. There were 2 aims to this activity.... other than having fun of course! We were looking at making sturdy structures, strong bases for building up and what would be the best way to make our igloos, and also to see how hard it is to make a domed roof......

Kenzie started with a big base and each marshmallow on its side, but soon realised the others would not build up on top of a rounded surface so turned all his marshmallows back up on end! This gave them a flat top to build the next layer. Brendan took a different approach. He made an internal wall. He started to tell me all sorts of things that i didn't know he knew about real Igloos. How the heat inside melts the ice slightly and then it freezes to make the joints between the ice blocks stronger. He really thought about strong foundations. Construction is something he has always been good at. Maybe the Aspie mind is better at this, or maybe its just him?

Brendan's had stronger foundations and an internal wall!

Kenzie picked up on this internal wall his brother was building and added  it to his Igloo too! After about 20 minutes Kenzie had had enough building and decided his Penguins could have an open top home! He also added sprinkles for decoration and asked for a candle. Then he started to toast his marshmallows and eat them!

Kenzies Igloo with Penguins and camp fire!

Kenzie toasting the marshmallows over the campfire!
Messy boy!!

Brendan spent a good hour on this, his 1st arched door was fantastic but fell down sadly. so we propped the next one up with a jar. He also said it would be better to let what he had build "set" and then come back to it later. He decorated the inside of his Igloo with a sprinkles floor and moved his Penguins in. His arched walls had started but I fear we may have run out of marshmallows before he would have been able to finish it.

Brendan's first Arch before it fell down :-(

The new reinforced Arch

The rest of the day has involved Dr Who mainly. We watched a Dr Who dvd, played with Kenzies Cyberman lego, Sonic screwdrivers have been waved about. We enjoyed the Dr Who board game together and then played Brendan's Egyptian themed card game. A real favorite game in our house!

This evening, after our roast chicken dinner, we snuggled on the sofa bed together to watch Aladdin. The boys went to see this at the Theater last week with the school and are taking part in the school production of Aladdin in March. Brendan is on his usual job.... lights! He is not in to performing but loves the behind the scenes stuff!

Totally engrossed in the film!

That was our Sunday! Fun filled but relaxed all the same.
 I hope the weekend has been kind to you as well!

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