Saturday, 14 January 2012


This weekend we have been enjoying making our own board games.

Brendan started this little activity on Friday night while Kenzie was watching "Despicable me".
 Brendan loves the little yellow minions in the film and made a really good game using elements from the film for the  "lucky / not so lucky" cards that you collect if you land on a "card" square.

He put so much thought in to the game. At one point you have to move back and forth trading money for minions and minions for money. You have to think ahead and do some maths to work out if you have enough money and minions to move on to the next part of the game. He worked all this out himself, with no help at all!
The game lasts about 10 minutes and its lots of fun! Maybe he can be a games designer when he is older!

He even used Fimo to make the figures that you move around the board and the money that you need to buy minions with!

I love the fact that he has added a maths element to this. And he is usually the one to keep tally of everyone Minion count on a bit of paper!

Kenzie wanted to make one too. He chose to create a Dr Who game (what else??) and decided we needed planets to visit. We couldn't remember what planets Dr Who has been to so we started at the Tardis and made our way around Earth at different points in time! Each time you got to a new Earth you took a token related to that time period and then moved on to the next! Once you had visited all time periods you moved on to the Dr's home planet of Gallifrey! He went to find his Tardis so that his figures could arrive on the board in style and the games pieces were his little lego style Dr Who figures!
Another fabby game!

All this creativity, forward thinking, problem solving, maths and writing in one very enjoyable activity!

Give it a go with your little ones. I promise you will all have lots of fun!

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