Friday, 6 January 2012


Brendan has been asking to make a Balloon and fill it with Helium to make it float! So when I put in my Tesco online shop this week I ordered Turkey foil, sticky tape and string.

 After school today he set about making his balloon. He was very clear about the design of it. He has been planning it for a week or so now and very quickly went about making and taping a simple pillow shape with a space in the bottom for the Helium tube!

Kenzie was keen to help but Brendan is not one to share his experiments so gave him the job of looking after the Helium!

The finished balloon was very light but not very floaty.

 We talked about why this might be, and decided that the Tin foil was too heavy for the amount of Helium it could hold. So we then thought about light materials that we could use to construct a balloon from. Brendan thought we could try Cling film, but I put it to him that maybe that would be hard to build with, due to its clingy nature. So we decided we would try a plastic bag next! It already has the balloon shape and if we tape up holes and the base of the bag we might get some good results!
Unfortunately we ran out of Helium so we will need to pop to a party shop and get some more before we can test our theory!

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