Sunday, 8 January 2012


Eggs are a wonderful design of nature!

I told the boys that eggs are very strong..... but the kids didn't believe me. Too often we have accidentally cracked an egg when collecting them from the coop. But we decided to test this and see if Mummy had a point?

First we took 2 eggs and wrapped a piece of sticky tape around the middle of each. We left a little space between the two ends so that the tape didn't quite join. Then we took a pair of nail scissors and carefully pushed the point in to the shell at this un taped point and cut along the tape till we had 2 equal halves. Do this over a jug or it will get very messy. We rinsed out the shells and trimmed them so they had flat bottoms and were equal heights when placed on their cut surfaces.

We then lay the shells dome side up on to a tray with a thick piece of card over them and took some cans of Tuna from the cupboard.

How many cans do you think we can put on the egg shells before they crush? Lets write down what we each person thinks. Kenzie and Auntie Heather were in charge of making a chart to log our guesses.


Then came the moment to find out just how much weight the eggs could hold.....

Before long we ran out of cans and had to get some tins of fruit out of the cupboard as well!

Then "Crack!!" and after a wobble it all came down, squashed egg shells and tins rolling around!

We then added up all the weights on the side of the cans to see how much the eggs held! It was 1837 grams!!

I explained to the boys that a dome is one of the strongest structures due to the fact that it distributes the weight applied at the top, evenly across the structure. No one point in the dome holds the whole load. This means that an egg is very strong. You can push on the two domed ends of the egg and it will not brake.

They lay down and we put the cans on the boys tummies. I asked if they felt heavy.
Kenzie said they were not but when I said "imagine you are a little egg.... now do you think its' heavy?"
He was quiet for a moment and then just said.....  "Ouch!!!"

We will never think of eggs as being so delicate ever again in this house!

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