Friday, 6 January 2012


After a day at the theater with the school to see Aladdin and then lunch at Pizza hut, you would think some light hearted fun would be in order! So what does my budding scientist do? Gets out his new Science kit and starts to learn about Newtons 1st and 2nd laws of motion and supersaturated solutions!

He looked at making a rocket launch using his all time favorite ingredients..... Bi carb and vinegar. We talked about how the chemical reaction produced Carbon Dioxide and the carbon dioxide needed somewhere to go so it pushed the rocket out of the tube! He really loves these sorts of experiments and often re visits them!

Then we looked at making Crystal Candy. We made a Supersaturated sugar solution and talked about what this means. How we used hot water to dissolve more of the sugar than would normally be dissolved by water at its normal temperature. We then added some colours and flavour to the solution and poured it in to the boys jars! We prepared the skewers with a coating of sugar to seed the growth, and have left it over night to cool. Tomorrow we will place the skewers in to the solution and watch over the next week as their crystal treats are made! Science you can eat!

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