Friday, 20 January 2012


Today we had another day of Homeschooling. The boys school had a dance workshop today, but Brendan will not take part in dance and music so we all felt it better to give him a day at home doing something he would benefit from, rather than have him at school and resisting the days activities. In fairness to the other children he would have probably spoilt it for them at the same time.

So he chose to visit a local museum. We packed his bag with a clipboard and paper, pens and pencils and off we went!

There was an Amazon tree root Art display out side the museum when we arrived. It was very interesting. The trees would have been huge! Brendan was a bit upset that someone had graffitied on this tree. Here he is looking at the writing :-(

He really liked this Giant Tortoise and decided to draw him. I sat down for a rest on the lovely underfloor heated tiles and warmed my bottom!!!

We looked at Minerals that glow under ultra violet light! These were really cool! Brendan decided the brightest one was Kryptonite! Lets hope Superman isn't about!

Playing with a T-Rex!

We found out how shrunken heads were made! Really grose but AMAZING!!!!

He bought a flute! This was after he tried out playing the recorder at school and really liked it!

We found some good old fashioned Red phone boxes on the way in to the city center! I love these! Why did BT ever change them? Here is Superman!! 

We were drawn in to "LUSH" on our way back to the car. That shop is the best smelling place in the world! Brendan loves their products (who wouldn't) The lovely ladies in there seemed pleased to have a child in the shop and set about showing him what the different bath bombs did. We did of course come out of there with one each for the boys! This was the Rocketeer one! Fantastic. The jet part bubbles and leaves a yellow trail as it pushes the rocket through the water. After a while the popping candy inside starts to pop and it smells lovely!

I got to have a play as well!!

While we were out in the city center we found a Millets and bought 2 pen knives. The boys have wanted a knife for when we are in the woods. These were also multi tools and were in the sale for £4 each!
They spent late afternoon in the garden whittling sticks!

 I am hoping to get up to the woods again this weekend so we can enjoy some Forest School type activities!

Kenzie enjoyed his bath bomb this evening! Feeling it fizz in his hands and watching it get smaller!

Tiny bit left!

Whilst drying himself after his bath, Kenzie saw a mole on his knee and asked how we get them.... so we googled it! Turns out they are places on the skin where cells have grouped together and the melanin which is responsible for pigmentation, is darker when grouped in these clusters! 

I would say that was another fabby day!

 What shall we do this weekend? Friday night sofa bed and nature programs this evening...... might even go and make us some Popcorn! Yummy!

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