Thursday, 26 January 2012


I thought I would share with you some of the play that happens with my little ones! 
It can be hard to think of things to do with very young children and I am always searching the net for new ideas. So here a few of the things that we do. 

Collect natural objects and place in a basket. Offer them to the toddlers to hold and explore or add a few other things to the play  and see where it goes.

Here we have some Branches that were cut from my parents Eucalyptus tree when they chopped it down last summer. My dad cut them and smoothed them off for us. The children just love the silvery colour and unusual shapes.

I added a couple of wood off cuts to make a road, a few cars and some lovely wooden animals. The Pine cones look like trees.
I sat on the floor driving the cars over the wooden roads and making car noises. 
Soon the little ones were with me, pushing cars along the roads and turning the wooden blocks over in their hands. 
I stood some of the blocks up on end and said they looked like trees. I balanced the Squirrel on the top of one and said that the squirrel was looking for nuts in the tree!

Little "R" found the fox and walked him along the long flat log. Babbling and chatting as she did so! She also tried to stand some of the blocks on end like she had seen me do.

We had lots of fun pushing the cars along the road and making car sounds!

Even little "L" who was a year old last month, started to make roads and push cars along them. She is still very much in the "exploring things with her mouth" stage so it was lovely to see her moving this forward and exploring the toys in a different way!

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