Thursday, 26 January 2012


I am not really a plastic, noisy toy lover, but this is a toy that I would recommend to everyone!
 It stands the test of time, does not have lots of bright flashy lights and noises so is not over stimulating!
There are many versions out there along the same theme, this one is pets!

It's a great toy for little fingers to explore. 
Encourages development of the fine motor skills that these little ones will need to self feed, thread beads, do puzzles and one day tie shoe laces and write!

By pushing, turning and sliding the different buttons, the toddler can make the corresponding hatch pop open and and animal will pop up too!

They seem to enjoying closing the lids just as much as making them pop open!

On this toy, 2 of the buttons require a bit more skill than the other 2. They need to be slid and turned. This tends to come later on in a child's development but does mean the toy lasts that bit longer! And in the mean time they do try really hard to make the buttons work. I tend to hold their little hands over the button to show them how to do it, but they don't always have the strength to actually manage it themselves. 

Ohhh but when they do! That 1st time!! 
The smile shows just how pleased they are with themselves!

This is one bit of plastic that will be staying in our toy box!

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