Monday, 13 February 2012


I have not done a party for the boys for a few years now. We usually take a couple of friends to the cinema or bowling and then for food after. This year though my friend started up a new business!
Partying Pets! If you are in the Oxfordshire/ Buckinghamshire area, you should really look at this for a fun and different party! Lucy runs the whole thing for you and brings all her animal friends. She tells the children all about the animals and everyone gets to hold and touch them. She has lots of exotic pets that many children would only get to see in the zoo and through glass at that. But all the children at the party (and the grown ups too) got to hold anything they wanted and could chose not to hold anything that they were a little weary of!

This is Evie the Giant bunny, who free ranges around the party and gives everyone lots of giggles with her antics!

Kenzie enjoying a cuddle with a Guinea pig

These were one of my favourits! Giant Millipedes! 

These were my actual favourits!!! Bearded Dragons. In fact we may well be adopting one very soon!! I am so excited! Brendan loves them but was worried about touching it, so it just sat on his lap!

This is Moon the Python. Beautiful!

Whites Tree Frogs! This one jumped on to a little boy and made him giggle!

Out came the Rats for a play!

Here I am enjoying Dragon cuddles!

My sister Georgia and her new best friend. A baby rat!

Little "E" had a lovely time. He is a fan of the TV show "Deadly 60", so this was right up his street!

The Tarantula has to stay in the box for insurance purposes...... which was just FINE by me!!!!!

Little "R" and little "L" really got in to it and spent a lot of time stroking the rabbits and looking at the chicks!

We enjoyed some games and I got out a pinata for everyone. Brendan has been asking for one for ages. It was enjoyed, but one little boy did get hurt in the scrum for sweeties so I think it will be only time we do it!

An old school friend made the boys a Snake cake each. all the children got to take a cupcake home!

Then home to open up all the prezzies that they were very kindly given by their friends! Next week we will have to make some nice thank you cards for everyone!

It feels like the past couple of weeks have been birthday, birthday! Just Brendan's to go in a weeks time and we will be done for another year!


  1. What a fantastic party Pip! And such a fabulous idea, my youngest two children would absolutely love this! Looks like everyone had a fantastic time too :))

  2. It was a fantastic party, I now want a Python....but the feeding bit puts me off. And if we could afford a cage I think Georgia would like a couple of lucy's baby rats, ready in March, I wonder if we could save up by then.....probably not lol

  3. Happy Birthday!! This is the coolest party I have ever heard of. Way to go! My kids would probably like something like just so they could gey up close and personal. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I hope no-one ate any chocolate raisins *boak* looks like a fantastic party

  5. Thanks everyone!! it was lots of fun!! and as a result we now have a new family member...... a Bearded Dragon!!


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