Friday, 17 February 2012


Today we took the boys on a magical mystery tour!! To the Dr Who experience at Olympia 2 in London.
We avoided using the actual word "London" as it freaks Brendan out lol.

It was a wonderful day and the actual walk through experience was AMAZING! so well done! The effects were really believable and Kenzie is convinced he has actually been on the Tardis and that it actually flew! They had no idea where we were taking them as we didn't think we could get tickets. So we kept it a surprise until we arrived and they saw the Tardis on the roof!

I think the Daleks just need some love and then they will be kind. Hug a Dalek a day!!

Kenzie and I flying the Tardis!

Brendan being locked in the Pandorica!

It was a long a tiring day but a great day. I even drove in London and only "Nearly" lost the front of my car once. I hoped that having our bus meant that people would move for us lol. It seems to be "might has right" when driving in the Capital city!

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