Wednesday, 22 February 2012


After all our fun in the garden yesterday we decided we would like to go back out and play today. Both girls made a bee line for the outdoor kitchen again and carried on with the mixing and stirring that they had enjoyed so much the day before. They even took some corks to add to the meal!

"E" took some wood off cuts outside and a whole arm full of Dinosaurs! I carried some cars out with us and thought I would show them how to use the wood for ramps. "E" loved this idea and as you can see he set about making lots and lots of ramps along the flowed bed.

Little "L" thought this was a fabby game and really wanted to get involved. "E" is very tolerant of the younger children joining in even when they knock down the things he is making. He has such a kind heart!

Hard at work building and building! His ramps were for his Dinosaurs though, not the cars!

Little "R" climbed on to the tree trunk and started to chat to the chickens. This meant that they came running over to her and jumped up at the gate! They have started to expect goodies when ever humans come to see them. I popped to the shed to get a cup of corn for them! Little "R" had a wonderful time feeding them and squealed as they started to peck about the floor of their run.

Yummy yummy chick chicks!

Little "R" then decided it might be time to practice balancing! She crawled on to the raised flower bed and carefully stood up.

She was really concentrating here. making sure she didn't fall and shuffling her feet along the sleeper. There was the odd wobble but she corrected herself without help!

Kind hearted "E" saw her wobble and ran over to help her. Holding her hand and asking if she wanted to jump! So sweet!

Little "L" found some of my garden ornaments. She really like this dog with his bobbing head. She bopped him on the nose and laughed as his head bounced about!

"E" being very patient and caring still and helping Little "R" back up on to the sleeper for another try... with his help this time.

I am so pleased to have the garden as part of our day again. I have missed the freedom and new experiences that it brings!

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