Monday, 27 February 2012


I would like to share with you all a lovely idea by a fellow blogger who I just love to read!Jacqui at Barefoot Crofter shares a wonderful insight to her past week using photos and a short description! The things that make her happy, make life worth living and feed her soul!So here is my offering! My SEVEN DAYS!  

Monday was Birthday cake making for Brendan's 10th Birthday. Double figures! Where has the time gone? He requested an Angry Birds cake.... I had fun making this one!

I even had enough cake mixture left to make him some individual ones for his class mates!

Tuesday was the big day and he had lots of friends and family over to help celebrate it!

My parents bought the boys an aquarium and a few fish! This weekend we went to add to it and get some plants! This is Munch!

Brendan does love the fish and can often be found sitting by the tank talking to his fish!

We focused on re-vamping the outdoor play area at the end of last week. Kenzie helped his Aunties with the drilling and attaching of things!

The music wall with some visually stimulating, spinning windmills!

This morning I planted up lots of herbs for the children to use in the outdoor kitchen and so that there is
something for the smell sense!

I hope the sun is out again this week so we can enjoy the garden!


  1. Oh ny - I love all the things you do - so inspirational. I love the music wall and an outdoor kitchen is my idea of heaven - as long as we got the weather to go with it :)
    That is such a beautiful aquarium, I would find it hard not to sit staring at it as well.

  2. Thanks Jacqui, I wish it was a real outdoor kitchen that i could cook in. in fact i wish i had space for a lot of things lol.
    And the Aquarium is a wonderful time waster.... you go for a look and become transfixed!! xx


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