Thursday, 2 February 2012


Children's imaginations are wonderful. 
Their play can take them anywhere, and if your very lucky they will invite you to come along for the ride!

Wooden scraps made a great road to the castle and the silk scarf made the perfect moat.

Driving cars down the road and making car noises as we go!

This night was a bit tired and needed a little rest in the tree while his horse waited nearby.

Little "R" went for a swim in the river with the boats. She sat there with her broom, like Triton with his trident!

The King found some treasure buried under the ground (a green silk scarf)

We had to hop on to our cars and take the treasure to a safe place far far away!

Then once at the river we took a boat down stream to another castle on the other side of the Kingdom!

Opps this one looks like he fell in the boat the wrong way up!

Once at the castle the snow was falling heavily and we decided we needed to hide the treasure on Pink Dragon mountain!

This pink mountain had a Dragon scarf over it and later on, a Dragon sat on the top to guard the treasure!

On our way home there was a flood , but a life boat came to help us over and everyone made it safely back home!!

All this from offering a simple selection of toys, wood off cuts and silk scarfs. 
Where will your imaginations take you today?

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