Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Little "R" and I had the day to ourselves today. It was very quiet and lovely to spend some one to one time working on her colours again.

Little "R" tried a new jigsaw this morning. Matching coloured animals to their corresponding circles.

We also got out the magnetic shapes. Little "R" picked up each one and named the ones she could. If she got stuck I would name it for her. We also talked about the colour of each one.

She worked really hard on this. Doing and re-doing each puzzle.

She started to balance magnets on her feet and knees and then watching them fall as she raised her bottom off the ground and straitened her legs. She found this very funny. She also started to match some of the magnets to the corresponding colour puzzle.

Oops! They all fell off!

She spent a good chunk of the morning visiting and then walking away from this activity, but always returning back to it after a few minutes.

After about an hour its was very clear the game was over. She picked up each puzzle piece and placed them in the box, ready for me to put away!

It was time for a snack. Warm milk and a waffle. Yummy!

After snack time we made a "Blue" poster for the playroom wall.  She used crayons, pencils and pens to colour in the pictures I drew on it. Then we collected lots of blue stickers from the sticker box and stuck them on!

A lovely day with lots of gentle learning through play! Just as it should be for our little ones!

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