Friday, 24 February 2012


Little "R" is 18 months now and I thought we would start to look at colours together. We will focus more on sorting them rather than learning their names at this point.

I lay out the coloured sorting animals and some coloured bases to sort them on to.

To start with she wasn't really sure of what to do so transferred piles of animals on to the red square.

I started to hold up the odd animal and  says its colour and then place it on the corresponding base. I caught little "R" watching me........

She picked up a green animal and showed it to me. I said "green" she looked at the coloured bases and lay it on the blue one. She looked at me and I smiled gently at her and said "no.... Green" She picked it back up and then looked at the bases again. She lay it on the green one and looked up at me for a response. I clapped her and told her she was a clever girl!
 She immediately chose another animal and held it up for me to see. "yellow" I told her. She lay it on the yellow base. More praise.

Ohh where does the red one go?

Some of these were hits and some were misses, but she started to get the idea I think. She defiantly had lots of fun! We will bring this out again next week and see how she feels about revisiting the activity.

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