Wednesday, 22 February 2012


This week has been far milder out than in past weeks. The sun has even been out with blue skys above us and the garden dry!
So I decided now was the time to de-clutter the out door kitchen and wash everything down. The kitchen was used so much last summer that it actually fell apart. I have re-purposed the boys old Ikea table though and will paint the top of it with a hob and buttons at some point soon. For now we use our imaginations lol!

Little "R" was too small last year to get any enjoyment from this area of the garden so it was very exciting for her to visit it for the first time! Since then she has been keen to pop out in to the garden each day!

I had laid the frying pan on the table with some shells and stones in and a spoon lay in it as an invitation to play! Little "R" got straight in to it. Stirring and picking up each stone and shell to get a better look at it.

She found a piece of slate which she turned over in her hands and  then banged against the pan to make a cool sound!

She soon noticed the holder for all the spare spoons and fished out another one to try, passing on her original spoon to little "L"

At this point I ran in to the house to get some coloured rice so that she had some more things to stir. She spent a lot of time scooping up the rice and watching it fall from the spoon back in to the pan.

After a while she decided to explore the other toys and items in the garden She found my plastic mole and they have been firm friends since. She scooped him up in her arms and gave him cuddles, jabbering away as she did!

She started to walk off down the garden with him. I wondered where she was taking him.... all became clear very soon!

He was going in to the wheel barrow. When we are in the house she often finds a doll for the buggy and takes them for a walk. She transferred this play to the items we had in the garden and took him for a walk in the wheelbarrow!

It is lovely getting outside again after the bitter cold we have experienced the past month or so!
The bulbs are sprouting and very soon the garden will be full of colour!

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