Wednesday, 15 February 2012


One of my most popular posts, according to the stats section of Blogger, is the homemade board games. So I thought you might all enjoy another one!

Brendan is still very much in to this activity and often turns his toys in to a game of some sort. This weekend he gathered all his Trash pack figures, (horrible things if you ask me, but he loves them) and made a...... 

"Trashies Olympics!"

He grouped the figures in to teams of 2 according to their colour.
We had 2 games to complete. The first was knocking down towers with the figures, by catapulting them with the bin lid!
The second was laying all the small bins out to make a "game area" and then catapulting them as far as you could (a bit like the long jump). It was harder than it sounds though because it was not where they first dropped that was considered your stopping point, but where it actually landed. This meant that quite often you would get them to the furthest point but they would bounce off the fire place and roll back down the line.

Once the game pieces had all been used, we had to add up our scores. The bins went up in numerical order. and we then had to count how many trashes were at that bin and multiply the 2 numbers. This was very good as we had been working on multiplication this week and I noticed he is finding his times tables hard (like his mum!) This has been very good practice for us both!

Then we had to add all the numbers together to see who had got the most points. I had to remind him to place all his figures in the correct place. like all units, tens and hundreds together, or I would find him adding the wrong numbers together.

Lots of imagination being used, rules being created and problems being sorted, and topped off with a sprinkling of maths!

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