Sunday, 5 February 2012


Where has the time gone?

6 years ago today, on a Sunday, like today, I gave birth to my baby boy on my living room floor. With my big boy watching through the banisters, my day and Lee holding the fort and my friend delivering him with a HUGE hangover from her night out the night before.............. Not quite as I had planned but ohhhh the very best way and I would never have had it any other way!

Today is over half way through his first decade on this world.... and in a couple of weeks my big boy celebrates his first full decade here!

And snow!! We had the first snow of the year fall last night!  The funny thing is that It nearly always snows for Kenzies birthday. The first snow he saw was on his 1st birthday through the back door windows!! He watched it fall for hours! Today he was in his snow suit, building snow men and making snow Angels!

Happy Birthday my Beautiful and Wonderful boy!
 You are so gentle and sensitive.
 Full of affection and love.
 Every morning I wake to find you curled in my arms.
 The first thing you say to me when you wake is "I love you Mumma!" 
My baby boy, I love you sooooooo much too and always will with all my heart!
 My Kenzie Bear!

Here are a few pictures from his special day!


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