Monday, 27 February 2012


It has just occurred to me that I have had so much going on this week that I didn't post about Brendan's 10th Birthday! How could I have missed that? :-(

So here are some of the highlights!! Sadly he had to go to school on the day but he still had a great time and also had Birthday pancakes as it was Shrove Tuesday as well!

Brendan, you changed my life forever!
You continue to change it for the better and teach me new things every day!
You have opened my eyes to life through yours and I feel honored to be your mumma!
You are an amazing, bright and caring boy, who I love with all my heart!

Here are some photos of his special day!

His DJ kit for the ps3. He loves it! has been eyeing it up for a very long time!

Science fun from his Aunties!

And the very hard to get hold of, Skylander figure he wanted!!!!! Happy much?

New Tropical fish and a Tank from Nanny and G-Daddy!

And Bath bombs from them too, from his very best shop.... Lush!

Lots of family and friends to share his birthday evening with!

Angry Birds cake I made for him.His request!

 After all his guests left he did a spot of music making on his DJ deck!

Happy 10th Birthday my wonderful boy! Where has this decade gone? Double figure now!
Mumma Loves you so much! xx

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