Friday, 24 February 2012


Now the sun is shining and the freezing temperatures have gone, I have focused on the outdoor area a bit. I am thinking about the ages of the children I have in my setting at the moment and most are around 12 - 18months.

My sister came over to build me a water ramp and music wall yesterday! This morning I popped around the charity shops for bits to add.

We have lots of fun banging and shaking things and making all sorts of music!

This s great for rolling balls down and water too!

 Today I found a couple of radiator airers which worked great for hanging on the fences. I turned one in to a shelf and used a toast rack to hold bath books for an outdoor reading area. I also found a cheap phone which I screwed to the fence for the little ones to enjoy during role play!

I need to find a few more bath books. Hopefully the £1 shop might have some.

 The outdoor kitchen has all been cleaned and restocked. Our old George Forman grill broke so I chopped the wire off and gave it the the children. They have loved playing in this area this week!


I am planning on adding more to this and finding ways to meat all areas of the EYFS in the garden. All we need now is the warm weather and more sun!!

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