Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Today we made St Davids Day cards.

 Little "L" and "E" are half welsh, so I always make sure this day is celebrated in my setting. They are off to Wales in the morning so we were a bit rushed this week and didn't get to do everything I would have liked.

We did make some kitchen roll leeks and added them to the front of cards though!

The leeks are really easy to make:

 You take a bit of kitchen roll, fold it in half and then where the 2 open edges are you cut vertical lines about half way down the paper.
 Roll the kitchen roll up and put a bit of tape around the middle to hold it in place. One end will have the cut bits, which will be the leeks and the other end is the folded end and looks like the end of a leek.
 You then dip the leaf end in to green watered down food colouring or water colour paint and let the paper absorb some of it!
 Leave them to dry and there you have it. a little leek! 

I would like to have taken a photo of the process for this but it was so manic it just didn't happen. I will try and do a tutorial tomorrow for you all! with pictures!

The children then drew, wrote, made marks on the plain cards. Inside and out.  I stuck on the finished leeks and  wrote in the cards for them!

We made one for the welsh Grandparents as well ready to take to them tomorrow!

Happy St Davids day for Thursday!

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