Monday, 6 February 2012


This week I brought out some of our Valentines activities. I have lots of ideas of things we can do but one week is just never enough time.

I introduced the sensory tray this morning. I loved putting this together. We are also trying to learn a new shape and colour from this. Heart and red!

This has a base of rice, coloured very slightly with red food colouring
Teddies from Asda £1 each from this years range
Roses from Asda (also a £1 and this years range)
A variety of heart shaped boxes to open and close and fill
Little fabric padded heart (no idea where i got them)
My silicon spoon from the kitchen
Red felt hearts from Hobby Craft
Sented candles from Asda
Window gells in the shape of hearts

I like to offer this at floor level for the little ones to explore. I lay a towel under the box so that  the spills can be tipped back in again after the play session. I also offered an ice-cube tray with heart shapes in it and a heart shaped tray that i saved from one of the meals the children arrived with last week. I thought it might come in useful!

Little "R" first explored the gel hearts. she pealed them off the sides of the box and then re-stuck them several times. This was great for her hand eye coordination. The concentration was wonderful she enjoyed squashing them between her fingers. At one point the rice clung to one and she kept shaking it to make it fall off.... but still it clung. This really challenged her expectations of what she thought would happen.

Next she worked on opening the various heart shaped boxes. The Cardboard ones open quite easily but this metal tin was a bit more of a challenge! We got there in the end though!

Whilst sitting along side her and running my fingers through the cold rice (such a lovely feeling) I found a silk heart and placed it in the heart ice cube tray. I hadn't planned that they would fit but by chance, it did! Perfectly. Little "R" watched me do this and set about finding more silk hearts and trying to make them fit in the holes as well.

Some time later she moved on to scooping rice up in her hands and filling the large cardboard heart. She sat and looked at the box, clearly wondering what to with it now......

Ohhhh time to practice our pouring skills. This little activity kept her busy for a good 10 minutes!

 She visited the sensory tray many times today and spent 20 minutes or more at the tray each time. I thought she would be drawn to the little teddies but i was wrong. She hardly looked at them. The rice and boxes were her main focus throughout.

After nap time we tried out the Play dough tray activity I had set out.  She brought me the pot of dough, saying "ta ta" and making it very clear this is what she wanted to do next.
We used the new pack of cutters I got at the weekend, also£1  from Asda. We cut out hearts and lip shapes!

I offered her my heart cake cases and she made little cakes with the off cuts of dough!

Then she used the Toast decorator tool (also £1 in Asda) to stamp the newly rolled out dough. Lots of stamping and pushing down on it.

She did a good job bless her!!

She has started to show an interest in pulling things apart. Exploring how things react when she pulls them. Some things stretch, some things snap! This dough did a bit of both! She had been doing the same thing with her Pancake at lunch time so it was interesting to watch her return to this with a new material! The dough was much more stretchy and needed more tension on it before it broke. She spent quite a while engaged in this little activity!

Please pop back tomorrow to see what other Valentines fun we have planned!
 Lots coming over the week!


  1. Wow that looks like so much fun! I love the coloured rice too, might have a go at that and see what pictures we can make with it. Thank you for the idea/inspiration!

  2. Thats a fabby sensory bin!! I think my little ones would eat the rice so I'm thinking along the lines of lots of little paper hearts made with my new cutter thingies!!

  3. Thanks very much for stopping by and commenting! Heather, your little ones did enjoy eating the rice!! but i think they enjoyed the rest of it too lol!!


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