Wednesday, 8 February 2012


 Today we enjoyed another new Valentines Day activity.  That Post Box we were painting yesterday got its first run at having cards posted in to it!

Little "R" enjoyed decorating cards. She needed help removing the backs of the foam stickers, so I helped her with that. She can now pull the lids off the pens all by herself and often tries to put them back on again. Although this proves trick as they need an extra push to make them click or they just fall off again!

 Once we had made our cards I helped her put them in to envelopes and we wrote an name on the front. This one was for Mummy! Then came the tricky part.... posting it through the hole. Once she had done it once she was fine. That first time though did take some concentration!

She soon realsied that she could go round the back to take the card out again and this little game carried on for some time. posting and collecting! Sometimes she even looked round the back to watch the card come through, while trying to post it from the front!

She revisited all of the other activities today as well. I did have some other things planned but we had to do a mercy run this afternoon and go and cover at the village Pre-school. The leaders son trapped his finger in a door and had to go to A&E, poor love. Little "R" did enjoy a trip out somewhere new though and playing with different children and toys. 

Brendan was off again today but will be back to school tomorrow. I will miss not having him here with me. He is wonderful company. We did work on some maths this morning while little "R" had a rest. We re-visited multiplication of long numbers. He is very good at working things out in his head, but when you ask him a question like "whats 4x8?", he sits still and you never know if he is actually thinking or just zoning out. But after a minute or so he will write the answer.  He did very well at multiplying hundreds and I think the method started to stick. I will do more of this with him over the next few weeks to try and cement the concept in a bit!

He was also a real love with the little ones in Pre-School this afternoon, and despite it being very boring for such a grown up boy, he didn't kick off. I did get the usual chant of "I'm board" though!  It's his catchphrase!

My head is still bubbling with more ideas for activities 
so please do pop back again tomorrow!

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