Thursday, 9 February 2012


If I look after your child, do not read this post till you have opened your Valentines gift from them!!

Now that's out the way I can share what we have been up to today!! I wouldn't want anyone getting a sneak pre view of their Valentines gift!

Today we enjoyed messy play! Lots of red and white paint! Mixing to make Pink. Feeling the cold paint squishing between our fingers. making hand prints, seeing what marks we can make! so much fun.

Ooops some of it got on my face!! lol

"All gone" Holding up her art work for all to see.

Baby "C" did her painting with her dummy in her mouth. Stopped her eating it all and then she started to enjoy the paint and making marks!

Laughing and holding my finger! I was singing to her. "we are getting messy!!! oh so messy!" lol

After Little "R" did her painting, we left it to dry and then I drew on this lovebird for her! 

We decorated some pretty ceramic heart bowls for Valentines gifts. Baked them in the oven to set them so they can be used and washed!

 Baby "C" needed a little help bless her. But she did try!

And here are the finished cards and gifts. I used some of their paintings to make hearts for the front of the cards! Some love heart sweeties in organza bags and the finished heart bowls.

(for Tuesday!)

I hope I have given you some useful ideas for Valentines fun. We have really enjoyed our week of "Love" themed activities!

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