Saturday, 18 February 2012


I have to say I cheated on this. The boys found a packet mix in the shops and wanted them so I got a couple of boxes! We decided to make them on Thursday. I had some paperwork to catch up on so thought I would see if the boys could follow the instructions with minimal help from me and they did really well.

Brendan read the instructions out loud and Kenzie asked me how to turn the over on. so I talked him though it.

As you can see, no one wanted to get dressed today. It was a pj day!

Kenzie measured out the water to add to the mix.

 Kenzie did really well with the rolling out of the cookie dough! He also asked if he could grease the baking tray.

Little "R" needed some help decorating her cookies. She just thought we were eating them bless her. In the end I had to whip her's away and give her a cracker to chew on. If i hadn't then Mummy and Daddy would not have got to taste them!

Kenzie concentrated very hard on decorating his cookies. He was not very keen on the icing so most of his just had the jam and sweeties on!

Brendan used the jam to create a dam all the way around the edge of his cookies so the icing didn't pour off the sides. I thought that was very good idea!

Little "R" chewed on her cracker, sometimes dipping it in icing or sprinkles!

Kenzie's cookies!

Brendan's cookies!

They were actually really yummy for packet mix cookies.

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