Friday, 17 February 2012


We saw this lovely idea over at a  blog which I came across recently, and LOVE!
We just had to give it a go and make some yummy Valentines treats for the birds! I forgot to take a picture of the finished ones unfortunately but we have lots of Pictures of the process!

We lay out dishes of Cheerios, honey hoops and shelled peanuts! nice to have a choice as to what to add!

Little "R" was fantastic at threading these. She turned 18 months this week and i really didn't think she would manage this, at least not without my help. We haven't had any threading activities out for these littlies yet. (note for planning.... get out the cotton reals next week)

She worked so hard at positioning each little hoop and pushing the pipe cleaner though the hole!

A few might have accidentally jumped in to her mouth....nom nom!

Ok.... so I lied.... she just ate them!! lol

Her bird feeder did go home rather empty lol!!

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