Sunday, 19 February 2012


Sensory trays are going down really well in our home and with the childminded children too at the mo! I thought I would try out something we haven't tried yet. Shaving Foam!!

The boys were my "Testers" for the weekend! Brendan decorated each of the animals and trees.

Kenzie really liked the velvety feel of it and squirting it around the tray.

 After a play and an explore, Brendan realised he could use the empty can to make a smooth surface with.

Then he made different animal tracks in the foam with the different animals we had on the tray.

Then he decided we needed some cars on the "Snow". Again he made a flat surface and drove the car over the top, leaving tyre tracks behind. He filled the car with foam and told me that the car was one he had seen on "Top Gear" and started to re tell what happened on the show.

He loved that he could make this cross over pattern by making the car spin down the track!

Then we did a bit of writing on the foam. The black bit of the tray worked much better than the section with tin foil on. I think the contrast of the black under the white foam is what made the difference!

 Brendan had fun with our snowmen! He squashed them in to the car to make them drive and then said "The Snowman is too hot!" so he pushed him through the snow and giggled. "smooshy smooshy!!"

This is my seal hiding in the snowy sledge!

 Kenzie got foam in his hair... this led to funny faces at the camera! Funny boy!

This was so much fun. I am really looking forward to bringing this out tomorrow with my little ones!

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