Sunday, 11 March 2012


Oh, the sun is out and the day is fabby! That only means one thing! Car Boot season is starting and I can hunt for bargains!

This morning we got out quite early for our usual Sunday morning starts and drove to Oxford to the big Car boot sale held at the football stadium. I had in mind that i really needed to find anything that linked to St Patricks day or St Georges day. We didn't do too badly and Brendan found a couple of things he loved too!

Firstly I will share Brendan's new love. This was first seen at his birthday party last month. It is a musical pass the parcel that sings and randomly pops open as you pass it round. He fell in love with it then and was overjoyed to find it at the car boot this morning. My friend who runs the parties mentioned that they cost quite a lot and he got his for £1, so he was really pleased!

Next we found this Bear. Perfect for my Ireland/ St Patricks day theme this week. The man wanted £2 for him and I did try to knock him down but he was not budging. Brendan had already fallen in love with him though and wanted to spend his last £1 on going halves with me.... so we came home with him too!

We also found this Beanie baby. We actually have him already in our loft already! But if you have seen my loft you would know why I was happier to pay £1 for him than to go and look for him up there. I am waiting for the car boot sales to start in my village so that I can sell all the old toys that are stored up there! I should make a pretty penny from it all!

This was a great find. Not really on my list of things to find but still great and I just had to get him, ready for Halloween. At 50p I really couldn't say no! So he is going up in to storage in the Halloween topic box for now.

Now these I thought were rather clever. I have never seen them before and the lady told me they were for babies that are just learning to eat. You give them food in these and they can chew on it without chocking on any bits that brake off. I however, have other ideas. I thought they would be great in our treasure basket. With maybe some scented fabric in. The babies can smell them without actually sucking on the fabric with the oils on. Or I could use them for a taste experience. They can go in the dishwasher after being used and I hope they will be a very useful resource! I paid £1 for all 3.

 Then I found these 2 things! Thinking ahead to St Georges day next month. I got the hat and the book for 20p each!

The next few things were not actually bought at the car boot sale but are still great and I just had to share!

These spoons I thought would be great in the St Patrick's day sensory box. They are rainbow coloured and great for scooping the rice and pouring it out again!

This book I fell in love with but thankfully my boys love it just as much as me! 60p from a local charity shop!
It has all sorts of interesting and detailed maze pictures to explore!

I got some green fabric to cover the table for our display this week for £1.50 and these cards for less than a pound each, which I will hopefully frame and place on our display!

This was actually from a pet shop. It is a fish tank decoration and did cost me £4.99 but to be honest I have found it so hard to find something like this and I think it is just perfect!

I am really pleased with my bargains this week and think I am pretty much ready for next weeks activities. I am looking forward to receiving a parcel in the post as well! My friend in Ireland is gathering up some real Irish bits and bobs and sending them over to us! How kind is that! She has already found me that allusive Leprechaun I have been on the hunt for!

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