Thursday, 22 March 2012


Today was a wonderful introduction to the Spring season ahead of us. Blue skies over head, sun shining and warming our skin and the flowers blooming!

We spent most of our time in the garden today and then up the park after the school run!

 Little "E" enjoyed balancing and reading books on the wooden plank we have.

The girls enjoyed sitting on the raised flower bead and looking at all the Daffodils that have bloomed!

We thought the chickens might be a bit hungry so I gave everyone a little pot of corn. Little "E" and "R"  poured theirs in to the run and watched as Matilda and Gertrude pecked away at the treats!

Matilda is looking lovely at the moment as she has just had a molt and grown back some lovely new feathers. She will need her flight feathers trimming again at some point though as she is often getting out of the run and on to the coop fencing. This is not a problem, but I do worry about her getting over the fence and getting hurt by a neighbours dog or the cars. Gertie really needs to sort her feathers out. She tends to a rather scruffy chicken!

Little "L" decided to sit down in the outdoor kitchen area and play with her corn. watching it fall on to her legs and catching some in her hands!

Little "E" gave skateboarding a go but found it quite hard to stand on, so knelt on it and scooted it along instead. 

Then he spent some time in the outdoor kitchen area, sniffing the herbs and then picking them to make dinner for Cloud, our rabbit!

I encouraged him to sniff the herbs and his hands after picking them to experience each smell!

Once the Rabbit food was "cooked" he served it up! I think his customer was very happy with his afternoon meal!

The girls soon came and joined in. He gave each of them a handful of herbs and they pushed them through the bars to cloud. Such lovely sharing and cooperative play!

I spent some time planting out my pansies, violas and forget me nots, while the little ones napped!

It would seem the rabbit did kill off the blackberry cane and the second blueberry plant, so I pulled them out. I have turned over the soil and sprinkled the area with wild flower seeds and sunflower seeds. I want this area to be colourful and natural. Lots of things to encourage wildlife and for the children to see and smell.
I am not sure how it will turn out but I am looking forward to seeing what grows!

The Blueberry that remains has buds on it. I just hope it bares fruit now that its buddy has gone...... I guess we will see.

The Daffodils are all blooming nicely. It is just a shame they do not last long. I will have to find something else that will provide colour in this area once they have finished flowering.

Sadly my lovely big red plant did not survive the frost :-( I did wonder, when I bought it, if it would. It was pretty while it lasted though!

The rest of our afternoon was spent playing on the climbing frame and slides at the local park with lots of friends. I am looking forward to having our evening meals down there after school, once the weather is more stable. The children love to run around with their friends and everyone is so much happier when outside!

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