Saturday, 17 March 2012


Well it's been a wonderful week of fun and learning about Ireland and leprechauns! With St Patrick's Day now upon us I thought I would share the last of our activities!

Reading our St Patrick's Day board book!

Playing with a very big hat! Hiding in the very big hat, hiding our friends in the very big hat!

Pulling things out of the very big hat!

Making Pippa wear the very big hat...... although it doesn't look so big on me!

Pulling more Irish treasures from the very big hat!

Once we had run out of things to do with a very big hat, we moved on to play dough!

Using the rolling pin to flatten the dough, using the Shamrock cutter to make Shamrocks and using the little tankard on a chain to hide little green dough balls in!
We spent a lot of this week using the word green and I am hoping the children will have subconsciously absorbed some of that!

So much fun this week. I am now really looking forward to St Georges Day, although I am rather disappointed by the lack of ideas on English blogs and Pintrest.
 I plan to rectify this lack of celebration for our patron saint by going full on this St Georges Day!

Who is with me??

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