Tuesday, 6 March 2012


Here are a few of the things we have been doing today! 

I introduced our new topic, which is Spring and a mini topic, which is Minibeasts. 

The Sensory tray for this was a big hit and went down well with everyone. from the babies to the school aged children. 
E really enjoys bugs and creatures, so this appealed to him in particular and it was lovely to draw his focus away from Dinosaurs for a little bit.

Little "R" spent some time talking to Toothless through the glass.

She also gave Buddy Bear lots of cuddles. I think he is going to be a big hit!

Little "L" has not been herself today and has been suffering terribly with her teething. This was one of her happy moments, playing with a Tractor.

We took a walk to the Playbus that visits the village every fortnight. It was lovely as always and the children got to do some hand and finger painting.

There were some fun sensory toys to explore,  like these sensory blocks. I thought about how great they would be on our light box back home!

We made music together and sang lots of songs. The girls shared a drum which was lovely to see. I have been slowly encouraging  them to share and work together. Reading a book together, feeding their dolls. We have come a long way from the days of snatch and grab!

"E" caught up with a friend who used to come to my setting. She spent a lot of time kissing him and invited him over in the summer. He said he wouldn't be able to visit then as he would be rather too busy, all summer, building his lake!  ???????  How he made us laugh! What doe go on in his head?
Then she kissed him some more and he told her "I'm not really in to Kisses...... I like Dinosaurs!"
I love this boy so much!

It all became a bit too much for Little "L" who started to get restless and tearful. Nasty, hurting teeth......

After lunch we did some building with the blocks. I mixed all the blocks from my block area in to one box to encourage some creative construction.

The dark den and light box were explored and giggles were heard from inside the tent!

Brendan and Kenzie had friends home after school and Brendan showed them how to make his Volcano explode!

I turned Little "R's" hand paintings in to a Daffodil picture for Mummy!

Another day done. Much exploring and play and now everyone resting up for another day of fun tomorrow!

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