Saturday, 17 March 2012


Tomorrow is Mothers Day here in the UK and so the little ones and I made some cards. I really wanted this to be a totally child led activity. We have done a few "end product" focused activities recently and I felt that this should be very much about the child's complete input and design, as much as is possible with such young children!

I lay a variety of craft materials out for the children to look at and choose what they would like to ad to their cards. I gave each a blank card and off they went. Kenzie and little "E" took a tray of bits in to the living room, I was not allowed in there, so I have no photos of the "making" process I am afraid.  But I thought it was lovely that they were going off together to make their cards and that Kenzie was so keen for me not to see what he was making me.

I sat the younger two in the kitchen with me and lay bits out in front of them. I only stepped in to help with pen lids and peeling the backs off of a sticker they had chosen.

Little "L" worked hard at making marks with her pencils. She hasn't got the strength yet to make any firm, heavy marks on paper but she did make marks and was very happy with her work!

Little "R" chose the gell pens. I think she is drawn to the lids! She spends a lot of time trying to take them off and put them back on!

Then we moved on to the stickers! Flowers on this card!

 And a flower or two for Little "L"

Little "E" said mummy likes Dinosaurs. lol..... not sure who like them more but I suspects it is really him! But this is so clearly his choice and work, I know mummy will cherish it. It really does come from his heart bless him.

The girls finished cards.

Our youngest child in the setting, Little "C" is only 9 months, so I had to "Help" her make something. This sort of activity was very much above her age and stage of development so we made hand print flowers, which I think is probably as involved as we can make something from such a young child. But we nearly made mummy cry when we gave it to her. Bless her!

I was very spoilt as well. I got a beautiful bunch of flowers from Little "R" and a card. I did feel very loved and special!!

Happy Mothers Day to all you lovely Mummy's out there!

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