Thursday, 8 March 2012


I found some fabby acrylic A4 mirrors on E-bay this week and just had to order them. I have been looking for something that would be suitable for the babies to use on the floor and also for the older children to use for table top activities. These just seemed perfect! and so cheap!

I set this up just before school pick up, while the babies where having a nap.

As soon as Brendan got home from school he noticed it.... "What is this mumma?"
I watched him settle down tp explore and he became really engrossed. Building and watching the reflections as he did so.

He made some really wonderful creations and talked about how they looked from all angles that he could see reflected back at him.

Build, build and more building!

Then he moved the mirrors until he found this image!
"look! its one continuous strait line mumma!"
He started to talk about how the reflection kept being reflected back and forth from one mirror to another and  back again making this wonderful effect!

He was so engrossed in this. Moving himself and the mirrors to get a different image. Making them appear in one long line, or arching round, or making a circle!

Funny face!

It was such a simple thing to make. You can't see it clearly here, but you just need to make sure when taping the mirrors together, that you leave a small gap between the mirrors to allow for them to be folded in to the free standing 3way mirror I used in this post. And of course tape the backs of the mirror rather than the fronts.

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