Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Today we headed over to join Heathers Childcare, in their Purim celebrations!

Purim is the Jewish holiday which celebrates the salvation of the Jewish people from the evil Haman.
We made noise makers and decorated them. Jewish families boo, hiss and make noise using Graggers when ever the name "Hamen" is mentioned during the reading of Meglliah. We had lots of fun making ours very colourful and then giving them a good shake to make lots of noise!

We also made our own Hamantaschen, Which is a favourite treat for this Jewish holiday.

First we rolled out our pastry and made it nice and flat. This was hard work for the little people but a great muscle building activity, and lots of fun too!

We cut out circles and then added blobs of jam on to each of them. Little "R" would not let anyone help with this bit and was very independent, trying to reach the jam in her jar, with her spoon and then spreading it on her circle! Once all the circles had jam on we squished them in to Triangle parcels. This was fun and a little tricky. We showed each of the children how to do one and then let them squash the rest in their own way!

I did help little "R" a bit more with hers as she just wanted to use the jam to write with lol!!

Unfortunatly they unfolded whilst cooking :-( But they still tatsed WONDERFUL! Took me back to my childhood and using the left over pastry from my Nan's cooking, to make little pastry shapes and decorate them with jam!

These made a fantastic treat for snack time. Still all warm and yummy!

After lunch and a play we decided to make our Noise makers! 

You need to stick two paper plates together and fill them with rice, dried peas or beans. Anything that would make a noise when you shake it would work. Make sure you glue the plates together securely or they might end up opening and showering everyone in rice and peas!

 Then have fun decorating them! Lots of colour, glitter, stickers, paint... anything you like! You could add streamers if you wanted. Make them unique to you and have fun!

Then shake away and make lots of noise!

Thank you Heather for inviting us to join in with all your Purim fun!

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